Even though they cannot hear, nothing has stopped the hearing impaired students at Rose Disabled school from eagerly exploring nature and experiencing various activities which will prepare them for the future. Along with our sponsor SAITEX company, saigonchildren has coordinated vocational training for the hearing impaired students at Rose Disabled school. On the 19th of July, the students got a chance to meet their sponsors from the SAITEX company and together with them participated in a vegetable planting class. Hearing impaired students listening to the teachers’ instructions. In a small garden, the students were crowded around their teachers and donors to listen to the instructions and together went on with the task of planting seeds. Looking back at their planted seeds, the students were ecstatic to see them grow to be tall and healthy. They took care of the vegetables that they planted very well and made sure they had enough water, minerals and sunlight to grow healthily. The students planting spinach seeds. The students growing potatoes. The teachers shared that in the beginning the students were inexperienced and weren’t used to the activities they had to do. With their experience and enthusiasm, the teachers altered their teaching methods to a kinesthetic manner combining theory and activities to help the students understand better. The class was also more attentive and everyone had a chance to plant their seeds. The students and the donors together planting vegetables. The students and the donors say farewell and promise to meet again. The group of SAITEX employees were not hesitant to get dirty and sweaty to plant vegetables with the students. Two agricultural engineers from SAITEX also gave some advice to the students on how to take care of the plants in the best possible way. Both the donors and the students were very happy and satisfied with their result after an active and eventful morning. The students were grateful to the donors for giving them an opportunity to learn how to plant vegetables and were very happy that they will be able to eat or sell their planted vegetables in the future. Apart from farming, the students also got to learn a variety of skills including flower arrangement, makeup and money management skills. These activities had allowed the students to gain useful and insightful skills which have developed their independence.