“The most impressive moment working at saigonchildren has been the visit to our partner organization: It’s heart-breaking when I see teachers and kids struggling with limited resources and hear about the stories of parents with disabled children. Yet, it’s joyous to see the great changes in their lives with support from the programme. It’s a hopeful future they can all believe in. And that’s exactly what binds me to SNEP…” Ms Hien Do has worked as a Special Needs Education Programme Manager at Saigon Children’s Charity since May 2013. In 2017, Ms. Hien received the Chevening scholarship to take part in a Masters Degree (M.Ed) in Autism Education from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Especially, she was endorsed by her professor for her Master thesis.

Ms. Hien on her graduation day

After completing the course at the end of 2018, she continues to work for Special Needs Education Programme (SNEP) at saigonchildren to upgrade education services for autistic children in particular and for children with disabilities in general. She believes that developing the quantity and quality of advanced supporting projects for practitioners and parents of children with disabilities is the key to open the door for more inclusive education practices. Especially in the last 3 years, Ms. Hien, together with many foreign experts, have been focusing on delivering better quality coach training projects, i.e. “Training the trainers on Early Intervention for children with autism”. Besides, she aims to partner with domestic and foreign organizations in order to build a national education programme for children with autism in Vietnam.

Ms. Hien with experts of Project “Early intervention for children with autism”

Afterward, her ambition is to do more science research to upgrade her knowledge as well as contribute to enriching autism documentation and professional material for practitioners in Vietnam.

Ms. Hien is working with parents of children with autism