Training program for Early Intervention trainers (2020-2022)

  1. General goals 
Improve Early Intervention services for autistic children in Vietnam, help children to reach their full potential and increase their chances of get on well with other members in society.
  1. Specific goals
− Build a stable foundation for specialists, including in-depth knowledge and necessary skills to practice evidence-based interventions on autistic children in Vietnam. − Train specialists to work within a multi-discipline coordination model. − Develop a network that connects Early Intervention practitioners and specialists.
  1. Proposed program
In order to achieve these goals, the following education activities will be implemented within 3 years time: Year 1: Basic training
  • Overview of autism
  • Overview of detection and evaluation of children with autism
  • Establish case management and develop individual intervention plan
  • Develop skills to work with parents and colleagues
  • Competency framework for practitioners working with autistic students
  • Critical thinking and reflection practice
  • Document research skills
  • Practice evaluation of autistic children and write evaluation reports
Year 2: Advanced training course
  • Intervention strategies to develop social communication skills
  • Emotions adjustment
  • Senses and operating functions
  • Understand and manage behavior
  • Build a friendly environment for children with autism
  • Practice intervention planning and support application of strategies
Year 3: Intensive training course
  • The role of a trainer
  • Presentation and organizing skills in a workshop
  • Practice early intervention for children with autism and parental guidance
  • Practice organizing a workshop with multi-discipline group coordination
  • Academic essay writing skills
  • Final essay
Note: Only students who have achieved more than 50% of the final assessment will be allowed to continue the following school years. Students will be assessed on the following areas: + Attendance in the course (time of absence does not exceed 20% of the total time) + Demonstrate theoretical knowledge in final exams and discussions throughout the course + Demonstrate clinical practice skills, theoretical skills + Ability to apply learned knowledge in practical situations  (practical exercises at workplaces are submitted to the organizing committee of the class every month)
  1. Trainers
The trainers are experts in the field of Early Intervention for Autism, including Special Education teachers, Therapists and Speech Pathologists, all of which are coordinated by The OWL Center for Children’s Independent Therapy, England.
  1. Certificates are provided by HCMC’s Central Pedagogical College to students who satisfy all of the course’s requirements.
  1. Time and place
Time: From 2020 – 2022 (including 3 weeks of focused training every June and July within the duration of the course). Place: HCMC’s Central Pedagogical College.
  1. Candidates
Candidates: 30 Early Intervention practitioners for autistic children. Admission criteria: applicants need to meet the following criteria – Graduated with a degree in special education majors such as educational psychology, speech therapy and therapeutic activities. – Willing to commit to work in the field of early intervention for children with autism long-term. – Born between the years 1979 to 1995, and have at least 2 years of experience working with children with autism. – Within 3 years after graduation: commit to cooperate with Saigon Children’s Charity CIO to provide non-profit Early Intervention training courses for parents and colleagues.
  1. Tuition fees
Tuition: 30,000,000 VND/student/1 year (90,000,000 VND/student/course). Scholarships: 30 full scholarships sponsored by Lufthansa Help Alliance, the R and J Bleach Trust and Saigon Children’s Charity CIO are reserved for candidates working in public or private organizations that conduct non-profit activities.
  1. Registration
Registration documents include: 1) Application form: 2) Professional resume (with a 4×6 photo) 3) Copy of professional qualification (with relevance) Documents are to be sent to Saigon Children’s Charity Organization Office at 59 Tran Quoc Thao, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. Registration deadline: October 30, 2019 For detailed information please see the attached project information. If you have any questions, please contact: Ms. Pham Thi Hanh Quyen Email:[email protected] Phone: 0789798250 Interview time: Potential candidates are expected to be interviewed directly by the Project Management Board from 02-05/12/2019.

Ho Chi Minh City, September 20, 2019

Saigon Children’s Charity CIO


Do Thi Hien

SNEP program manager